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Onsite massage
offices and events

Our company specializes in corporate wellness and we offer mobile massages right in your office or at events in London. Whether you want to create a wellness program for your business and use us on a regular basis or for a single event, we work with you to ensure the whole experience is smooth and efficient and to tailor the service to your needs.

Why offering massage treatments
in your workplace can improve
your business?

The benefits of regular massage 

Massage brings many benefits to the individual, including:

  • alleviating back and shoulder pain

  • reducing blood pressure

  • relaxing the nervous system

  • relieving stress and tension

  • improving range of motion and circulation

  • strengthening the immune system


Many of the above benefits have been shown to improve alertness and concentration, stress management and staff overall physical and mental wellbeing, as well as directly dealing with aches and pains caused by office working conditions. Taking care of your desk-bound staff in this way shows that you care for their wellness and has been shown to drastically reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. The immediate effects also will give your employees a fabulous boost in motivation and improve overall office morale, promoting a positive workplace culture and reducing staff stress-levels.

Here’s What We Provide


Typically 10-25 minutes per person

Chair massage is a treatment specifically designed for the workplace where no oils nor creams are used and the treatment is received fully clothed. This makes it ideal for the workplace or other corporate events, as seated massage is done in a specially designed chair that is portable and can be set up anywhere.

The chair is adapted to suit each individual and will allow you to fully relax as it takes pressure off the postural muscles that work constantly when you are in the seated position at your desk, as well as the head and neck.

Typical booking slots of between 2-8 hours


Typically 10-15 minutes per person

Desk massage offers flexibility and cost-effeciency, making it a great addition to any workplace wellbeing program or stress management program. These quick and easy treatments will leave your staff feeling refreshed and revitalised, without even having to leave their workstation.
Desk treatments are often utilised in call centres and other industries where it is difficult for staff to leave their desks, or in offices where there is a high volume of staff in one area. Since no set up area or equipment is needed, these upper back, neck and shoulders rubs are perfect for alleviating stress and tension anywhere, anytime.


Typically 30-60 minutes per person

With table massage the therapist brings a portable massage table which needs to be stationed in a closed room for privacy. These massages are in a partial state of undress and last at least 30 minutes per person. Our therapists are professionally trained in different types of massages and can offer tailored treatments to target specific needs, from relaxation to pain management. 

This type of treatments require a room big enough to fit the massage table and to allow the therapist with enough space to work comfortably. 

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